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Supporting Small Savers Banque Misr launches New Savings Account i.e. “Tahweesha Bezyada”
Banque Misr has recently inaugurated new product named “Tahweesha Bezyada”; the product is considered a special savings account based on the idea of the common-interest associations commonly acknowledged between people. Such product i.e. “Tahweesha Bezyada” allows individuals to save a fixed amount per month on regular basis for a period of 11 months, where the customer is required to pay 25% of the value of the monthly saved amount in the twelfth month (the final installment), while; the bank covers the remaining 75% of the final installment, and by the end of the period the customer will redeem the sum of the paid monthly savings. Further, strongly believing in financial inclusion, Banque Misr is keen on launching such account through providing the different programs and instruments that attract the various segments of society and promote the idea of saving, in addition to enabling the different categories of society to use all the financial services through formal channels, including; bank accounts and savings accounts, payment and transfer services, and insurance services as well as financing and crediting services.
Moreover, “Tahweesha Bezyada” makes it possible for individuals to open an account with 100 EGP, and its multiples, in addition to opening more than one account for the same customer. As well, “Tahweesha Bezyada” account can be opened through nearly 165 branch of Banque Misr’s branches spread all over Egypt; for further details about these branches, please visit or call the customer service hotline at 19888.      
Furthermore, launching this new savings account “Tahweesha Bezyada” is an affirmation of Banque Misr’s significant efforts, as one of the pillars of National Economy, in order to achieve financial inclusion that plays an important role in improving the economic growth rates and secures the banking and financial stability as well as the social development. In addition, Banque Misr is committed to carrying out various activities that guarantee the achievement of financial inclusion throughout the bank’s endeavors to provide each and every Egyptian citizen with banking services. Whereas Banque Misr is considered a national financial instrument upon which the enforcement and enhancement of national and strategic development in the different social and economic fields are based.
Finally, it is worth noting that Banque Misr is constantly endeavors to satisfy the customers and meet their banking needs, also Banque Misr works constantly on improving the existing savings facilities and on developing new banking products that suit such needs. As well, Banque Misr adopts all the elements of sustainable development especially financial inclusion due to its significant impact on the societal development.