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The Campaign of “Talaat Harb Coming Back” Allows Banque Misr to achieve 80% Growth Rate in the total of Projects Funding with 5 Billion EGP increase throughout 6 Months

Banque Misr announces achieving effective and significant results in the amount of achievements in comparison with the achievements of the previous period, regarding its work in funding MSMEs and projects. The Bank has also declared that, the growth rate of projects funding has increased with 80% of about 5 Billion EGP throughout the last 6 months, for the period from 31/05/2017 to 30/11/2017, this increase in the growth rates  and accomplishments takes place in coincide with launching the campaign "Talaat Harb Coming Back" that aimed at attracting more segments and categories of the society to deal with Banks to fund their projects. Launching this campaign takes place in the context of the Government's guidelines, due to the significant impact of this campaign on the National Economy, and the importance of embedding youth, women and different segments of the society. Additionally, according to the requirements of CBE (Central Bank of Egypt), Banque Misr endeavors to increase the project finance portfolio to reach about 20% of the whole value of the finance portfolio. This step of increasing the project finance portfolio will lead to reducing the rates of unemployment, and increasing the growth of the income for the single individual or the whole family, which would eventually have an impact on the GDP rate through increasing the productivity of the society and covering local market requirements.

Banque Misr has worked on several aspects that aim at developing the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises funding sector, these aspects included developing and reconstructing in full the working systems of the MSMEs projects funding Sector, as well as implementing the decentralization in extending credit. In addition to, improving the proficiency and the abilities of the Bank employees responsible of  projects funding for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, through providing the employees with about 10 thousand training hours, as well as increasing the number of manpower in this field through appointing about 150 individual to work in this sector, as Banque Misr owns the largest network of branches that covers all over Egypt. Banque Misr is always concerned with developing the Egyptian Economy due to its role as one of the most important pillars of the National Economy and the Government.

It is worth noting that, Beheira, Sharkia and Souhag are considered as the Governorates most receiving for Micro projects Funding, while the Governorates most implementing Small projects are Souhag, Minya and Kafr El-Sheikh, and the Medium projects have been concentrated in Cairo, Giza and Assiout. Moreover, through providing the MSMEs with funding, Banque Misr has successfully made a difference in the lives of 400 Thousand individuals, belonging to the families of the Fund receivers and other individuals affected through working in such projects. These MSMEs constitute the different needs of the Governorates within the various fields of productivity and agricultural as well as services based field, and these projects represent the main constituent of the Economic Development.

Out of Banque Misr's concern to provide fundings for all the segments of the society contributing in accelerating the development rates, thus Banque Misr has participated in "Mashroa'ak" program in cooperation with the Ministry of Local Development and some other Banks. Moreover, "Mashroa'ak" program aims at funding Small and Micro business projects through the single counters available at the Local Units that reach about 308 units spread all over Egypt, where Banque Misr is spread in 238 units with 77% since 26/03/2015. Further, the total amount of the loans granted to 48392 Customers for the sake of funding Micro projects has reached 2.2 Billion EGP until 30/11/2017. Where, Banque Misr has possessed about 50% of the total realized loans within this program.

Pursuant to the fact that Banque Misr is considered a leading Financial Institution, Banque Misr has entered into new effective initiatives and signed a number of protocols that will help in the community development. Some of these protocols are; funding the Robici Leather project, participating in the development of the Industrial Areas through providing fund for establishing Industrial Complexes for MSMEs, as well as funding the shops at Damietta City for Furniture and funding the Pharmacists Syndicate. 

Furthermore, Banque Misr is constantly concerned with assisting Entrepreneurs, also Banque Misr seeks to follow up with its customers on a regular basis and to provide them with consultancies as well as to help its customers to achieve more and more successfulness, as Banque Misr believes that MSMEs are deemed the engine of Economic Growth.