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Banque Misr extends working hours to 7p.m. at 39 branches for tax e-payment service
Banque Misr decided to extend its working hours at 39 branches until 7:00 pm to provide electronic tax payment service for clients and various tax errands during the period from Sunday 24/3/2019 until Thursday 24/3/2019, also during the period from Tuesday 23/4/2018 until Wednesday 24/4/2019 and on 30/4/2019, excluding the public holidays in between these set dates.
Tax e-payment services are available for clients and tax errands from 3:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. at 20 BM’s branches on Friday 29/3/2019, Saturday 30/3/2019, Friday 26/4/2019, and Saturday 27/4/2019.
Banque Misr offers the e-payment service through a network of branches nationwide, in cooperation with officials at the e-payment sectors at the public institutions and affiliated authorities at the Ministry of Finance.
The advantages of tax e-payment service for individuals and institutions include avoiding any related risks and facilitating the payment process. The client may pay in different methods (in cash or through deduction from the current account balances); additionally, the service is available for the bank’s clients and non-clients through a huge number of payment outlets.
Safety and speed are two essential aspects of this service, as the client isn’t obligated to pay taxes at the competent tax office where the business is registered. Besides, the geographical location won’t be a restriction in the light of facilitating the process for the financers, achieving decentralization at data collection, as well as avoiding risks related to carrying cash during the payment process.
As for the tariff payment service, Banque Misr had been the first to provide this service electronically since December 2005. Clients can inquire about tariff charges incurred upon them personally or upon their institutions, as well as making the payments through the bank’s branches that provide the service, which is instantly reflected on their tariff information system.
Banque Misr is keen on offering the latest electronic services and banking products for fulfilling the clients’ demands.