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Banque Misr Wins Award for COVID Management Initiative of the Year – Egypt 2021 from Asian Banking and Finance Magazine
Banque Misr won the Award for COVID Management Initiative of the Year – Egypt 2021 from Asian Banking and Finance Magazine, which bases its selection of winners on a diverse set of international standards, as well as the opinion of a select panel of global analysts. One such criteria included the precautionary measures implemented by the Bank towards combating COVID-19, whereby the management spared no effort in safeguarding the health and wellbeing of employees and customers alike, ensuring the efficient continuity of all business operations and activities. This was done by adopting a set of procedures and precautions as part of the day-to-day dealings, to ensure the continuity of normal processes on the one hand, together with maintaining public safety on the other, up to attaining gradual social recovery. As such, the Bank acted immediately by enacting a number of initiatives that targeted the workplace, the Bank’s customers and its employees.
In this respect, Banque Misr – from the onset of the pandemic – mobilized all its capabilities to provide a healthy work environment – for both customers and colleagues – by halting all unhygienic practices, installing hand sanitizers and regularly disinfecting vicinities. The Bank’s workers and their families were also afforded medical care, whereby a designated team of physicians was on-call around the clock to assist colleagues through swift examinations, treatment and constant monitoring until full recovery. The Bank also ensured the continuity of business operations; as manifested by provisioning My-Fi services, VPN, laptops and other requirements to enable remote work, as per the nature of each function. This is in addition to replacing all meetings and workshops with video-conferencing and tele-conferencing and allowing up to 50% of colleagues to work from home – as permitted by their respective functions – in order to prevent crowding within its premises. Alternate sites were also identified – these being one or more sites furnished to accommodate workers to ensure business continuity of various locations, equipped with all devices and apparatus to manage central activities in the event of emergencies.
The Bank also disseminated videos and materials on the virus and how to prevent its spread, together with encouraging its customers – via campaigns – to utilize electronic payments instead of cash; and to use online banking services.
This award complements the many successes achieved by Banque Misr in the area of human resources, after having attained the award for Best HR Strategy Egypt – 2020 from the Digital Banker.
Banque Misr firmly believes that its employees are its most valued asset and that the strength of the banking sector is attributed to its enlightened leaders, who demonstrate a unique level of expertise and knowledge, qualifying them to retain the position they command today.