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Banque Misr pays tribute to University Students for participating in the National Literacy Project for the third consecutive year

Chairman of Banque Misr – Mr. Mohamed El-Etriby honors  University Students whom played a role in the National Literacy Project through educating a number of illiterate individuals, students have been celebrated during a great celebration held on 15 April 2018 at Ain Shams university, also the supervisors on this project have been awarded token awards as an appreciation for the efforts they exerted in this regard. The celebration has been held in the presence of the Presidential Adviser and Delegated Minister – Prof. Dr. Kamal Sharobeem and Prof. Dr. Hossam Eissa the Deputy Prime Minister and Ex-Minister of Higher Education, also the President of Ain Shams University –  Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahhab Ezzat and Prof. Dr. Manal Awad Deputy Giza Governor have attended the celebration as well as Prof. Dr. Youssef Rashed the Secretary General of Supreme Council of Universities. Also, this celebration has been held in the presence of Mr. Ahmed Hassan the CEO of Adult Education Authority and Bishop Ermia Head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center, in addition to a number of University Presidents and Vice Presidents.    

During this Celebration Chairman of Banque Misr – Mr. Mohamed El-Etriby has paid great tribute to the vital and significant role played by each of Prof. Dr. Mayssa El-Mofty the Rapporteur and Chairperson of the Project Higher Committee and Dr. Magdy Aziz the Deputy Chairperson of the Project Higher Committee, as they exerted huge effort in supporting this project in order to come true.

Moreover, Banque Misr Participation in the National Literacy Project takes place throughout the past three years; this project has achieved outstanding results with a significant impact that is represented in educating about Five Hundred Thousand illiterate citizens, as Banque Misr strongly believes in the importance of knowledge and education as they are considered the main pillars on which the societies' progress and civilization is based. Also, Banque Misr fully understands the fact that illiteracy is one of the problems facing the developing countries in the present time and that are seriously dangerous, in addition to the fact that this problem is a National multidimensional problem of economic, social, political and cultural dimensions. The implementation of this project takes place through the cooperation between each of Ain Shams University, Adult Education Authority and the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services as well as the Bishopric of public services of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Further, Banque Misr's contribution to such National Project stems from its pioneer role in the field of community responsibility as it is considered one of the focal areas that Banque Misr believes in so as to maintain its position as an exemplary and role model for all the Organizations aiming at developing and supporting society with all the available means in order to achieve the Society's sustainable development. Whereas Banque Misr is constantly keen on participating in different projects supporting the community development, these projects mainly target the development and improvement of human beings within different areas of practice such as education, providing job opportunities, especially for the youths and female breadwinners, health and Egyptian Villages' development. Therefore, Banque Misr total payments throughout the fiscal year 2016/2017 have reached about 351.4 Million EGP, and the donations of Banque Misr during the current year 2017/2018 until present have reached more than 566.4 Million EGP.