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Banque Misr New Identity


 Cleopatra In History
 Egypt’s last queen. Last Pharaoh.
 She became an icon in her own lifetime 
 and a legend after her death. 
 She is beauty, grace and wisdom
Cleopatra Represents
Tradition, wisdom and cultural heritage
Logo Type
  • Type Face: “faresy” It’s original, elegant and precious. It’s an antique.

  • Type Face: “Copperplate Gothic Light”

  • Slogan: Ph Naseem Bold

  • Lotus Flower

    The lotus closes at night and sinks underwater.

    In the morning it re-emerges and blooms again.

    Thus representing the sun and creation.

    It is the symbol of re-birth.

  • Heritage – Power- timeless - future

  • Royalty – Attraction - Warmness