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Bloomberg Ranks Banque Misr in First Place for Arranging Syndicated Loans in the Egyptian Banking Sector

Banque Misr won first place for arranging syndicated loans in the Egyptian banking sector as at Q3 – 2021, according to Bloomberg, having completed 27 financing deals at a total value of some USD 4.12 billion. Bloomberg had announced – based on the shortlist of syndicated loans as at Q3-2021 – the acquisition by Banque Misr of fourth place as a lead arranger of syndicated loans in the Middle East and North Africa; as well as fourth place as a lead arranger of syndicated loans in Africa, after competing against other global banks.

Banque Misr continues to lead in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa in arranging, marketing and managing syndicated loans and project financing, according to Bloomberg’s evaluation of global banks, which reflects the success achieved by the corporate credit and syndicated loans sector in Egypt. It further asserts the Bank’s outstanding performance, robust financial status and effective marketing plans seeking to attract new customers and financing operations; together with emphasizing the Bank’s firm support of the national economy.

Banque Misr’s lead in the Egyptian banking sector crowns its pivotal role in financing various economic activities such as land, sea and air transport; oil and gas sectors, chemicals and petrochemicals, communications, steel, cement, foodstuff, real estate, tourism and airports.

Worth noting is that within the context of the extensive marketing plans adopted by the Bank towards attracting new customers and financing operations – coupled with the commitment to implement its strategic and development objectives that are geared towards supporting the national economy in various fields and sectors – operations under consideration as at the end of July 2021 number around 39 financing deals at a total value of EGP 124 billion. The Bank’s share stands at approximately EGP 42 billion, in various sectors including real estate investment, tourism, land transportation, oil and gas, fertilizers, petrochemicals, electricity, education, automotive and contracting.

Banque Misr has achieved several awards and accolades from various global institutions in 2021, thanks to the efforts exerted in various business sectors. The Bank’s attainment of this extensive list of awards and accolades comes as a certificate of entitlement to the trust and confidence of its customers, who are considered mainstays in its endeavors. Banque Misr continuously seeks to differentiate its services from those of the competition in order to fulfil customers’ needs and requirements, while maintaining its long-standing success and staying true to its values and strategies, which are founded on achieving sustainable development and prosperity for Egypt.