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Banque Misr Ranked Among the Best 15 Institutions to Work in Egypt According to the LinkedIn Classification for 2022

Banque Misr was ranked among the best 15 institutions to work in Egypt, according to the LinkedIn classification for 2022, thanks to the Bank’s cultivation of a conducive environment for driving a positive culture of shared values, while strengthening the sense of loyalty and belonging amongst its personnel. Moreover, the Bank’s teams fosters new initiatives, innovations and ideas; coupled with the management’s encouragement of constructive competition and creativity, which constitutes a real opportunity for boosting efficiency and competence. The Bank also provides a favorable work environment by supporting diversity, equality and inclusiveness.

Banque Misr consistently strives to strengthen its leadership in the Egyptian banking sector and enhance its competitiveness, in addition to developing its personnel, who possess standard and technical competencies in all disciplines of banking. This is in line with the Bank’s belief in the importance of developing and supporting human resources, whereby it established training policies and programs that are aligned with the requirements of the labor market. Banque Misr spares no effort in empowering its employees and qualifying its teams; not only to upgrade their respective skillsets and capacities, but also to afford them the opportunity to achieve professional advancement and keep pace with all developments in the field throughout their careers. The Bank also offers its employees supplementary schemes that include financing and medical programs covering the entire family, as well as various leisure programs that strike a healthy balance between personal and professional life. The Bank further provides its employees with suitable transportation options.

Banque Misr employs more than 20 thousand personnel, who are considered the main drivers for success, as they are deemed the institution’s most valuable assets and the mainstay of its achievements. Worth noting is that the Bank operates an extensive network of some 800 branches throughout Egypt; in addition to five branches in the UAE, one branch in Paris, a subsidiary bank in Germany, 12 branches managed by a subsidiary bank in Lebanon, a representative office in Abidjan - Ivory Coast managed by the subsidiary bank in Lebanon, together with 4 representative offices in Moscow – Russia, Guangzhou – China, Seoul – South Korea and Milan – Italy. Since its establishment, Banque Misr has incepted various companies in several fields; including textiles, insurance, transportation, aviation, entertainment and the cinema industry. The Bank also continued to support other banking and investment activities; currently holding a large percentage of shares in 157 companies operating in the following industries: finance, tourism, housing, agriculture and food; in addition to other companies in the field of communications and information technology and investment – among which are Misr Capital and CI Capital.

This classification is a testament to the Bank’s success in human resources, since it had previously won The Digital Banker Award for “Best Human Resources Strategy – Egypt 2020”.

Banque Misr consistently seeks to distinguish its services and maintain its longstanding success, while effectively partaking in services that fulfil the requirements of its customers. As such, the Bank’s values and business strategies reflect its unwavering commitment to achieving sustainable development and prosperity for Egypt.