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Banque Misr sponsors Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace and Development
Banque Misr sponsored the first edition of " Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace and Development" that was held over two days - the 11th and 12th of December, 2019, in Aswan. The bank's sponsorship of the forum is part of its leading role and its faith in the importance of the topic of the forum. The forum aims to open new horizons for peace and sustainable development in the African continent. With Egypt heading the African Union for the year 2019, it was only natural for Banque Misr to sponsor the event. A corporate social responsibility pioneer fully aware of its social and environmental responsibilities, Banque Misr strictly complies with governance standards that complement its performance standards and the sustainability of its business on the long run. It is also the first public bank to get accredited for complying with the GRI sustainability reporting standards by the international organization; the bank conducts its business in accordance with sustainability principles by taking governance, human rights, combating corruption, social engagement, and environmental safety standards into consideration. The bank also complies with the UN Global Compact principles for the Global Citizen (Corporate social responsibility).
With Egypt heading the African Union, it launched the Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace and Development, the first initiative of its kind to study the relationship between peace, security and sustainable development, and to find solutions for the African problems by linking policies to practices. The forum is a regional and continental platform where political and social leaders, peace makers and development partners can meet.
The forum offers an ongoing opportunity for leaders and experts from African countries to engage in conversation and interact. On one hand, it is concerned with the concept and application of peace, and on the other hand, it is concerned with sustainable development. Egypt aims for the forum to help enforce the relevant mechanisms and procedures that will lead to the achievement of the goals that Egypt perceives as one of its main responsibilities since its presidency of the African Union. The forum also calls for the investment of Africa's diverse resources and turning them into an added value in parallel with the development of its infrastructure which paves the road for sustainable development.

Creating a link between peace and the achievement of sustainable development motivates international financial institutions to support and fund development projects in the African continent and attracts investment, and turns Egypt into a gateway through which African products can be exported to Europe and vice versa, which benefits the whole continent.
Moreover, Banque Misr commits to all the standards related to sustainable development by evaluating the environmental impact of its activities that are related to key performance indicators in the field of energy and emissions, ​the supporting investments and other principles that showcase the relationship between financial and non-financial performance, risk management, execution of plans based on the government, cutting costs, and full commitment to standards, laws and regulations. The bank funds environment friendly projects that aim for the achievement of sustainable development and guarantees that all parties affiliated to the bank are committed to those standards by continuous supervision.
Furthermore, Banque Misr is a solid part of community development in different fields - both directly and indirectly - through its non-profit organization; such as general health, education, and environment. Banque Misr is keen on dedicating its developmental efforts to the villages most in need of those efforts, as well as breadwinning women's projects, the improvement of living standards, youth and everything that has to do with human development, which will in turn support the economy and decrease poverty.