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Banque Misr Contributes EGP 12 Mln to Grand Egyptian Museum

​​Banque Misr signed on May 18, 2014 a sponsorship agreement with the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM)  in the presence of the Minister of Antiquities, Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim, and  Banque Misr Chairman, Mr. Mohamed Barakat.
The new agreement stems from the bank's belief in the importance of the Grand Egyptian Museum project for being one of the largest cultural projects and archaeological museum in the world. It is worth mentioning that many national and international institutions is supporting this project including Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

EGP 12 million will be allocated to establish a school for children, which will be named after the bank. The school is considered to be  one of the major milestones that will be developed in the third phase of the  Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM). The allocated funds shall be paid over a period of three years. The school will provide arts and crafts classes for around one million children from different ages. Children  will learn to design jewellery, clothes, and leather products. Furthermore, the the school will teach old ancient Egyptian civilization besides other ancient civilizations.

It is worth mentioning that the Museum is established on around one hundred and seventeen acres of land. The museum will also include business services buildings, leisure and exhibition halls, in addition to a garden. The  completed first and second phases of the GEM  consist of a power plant and a center for restoring monuments. The museum will accommodate around 8 million visitors and more than 100,000 artifacts and old monuments that varies between prehistoric ,Greek and Romanian ages. As, 50,000 artifacts will be displayed.

The new museum is designed to include the latest technology, including virtual reality. The visitors will enjoy living in the same reality, atmosphere, and places where the artifacts were discovered. In addition, visitors  will be captivated by a truly engaging audio experience in multiple foreign languages.

The Grand Egyptian Museum is a universal symbol connecting ancient past with present and future. It also will support the Egyptian economy by contributing to the development of tourism industry, as it will attract millions of tourists in annual basis, and will contribute in creating new job opportunities.

The bank  is keen to support social and development plans and programs  out of its belief in social and cultural responsibility, and its commitment towards the development of the Egyptian society.