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Banque Misr Presents “Sharekaty” Certificate in EGP
Under the leadership of Mohammed Barakat – Chairman of Banque Misr and The Union of Arab Banks, Banque Misr  has recently offered a new saving certificate, “Sharekaty” Certificate, which is considered a vital means for improving the companies’ savings.
The certificate is being issued with EGP 100000 and its increments, for legal persons through two issuances (3 years and 5 years). The certificate enjoys a fixed competitive return along its period. The return’s due date varies from one month to a year effective from the certificate’s purchasing date. The revenue is being added automatically to the client’s current account.
The certificate holder is eligible to obtain a loan guaranteed by the certificate. The certificate’s holder can regain the certificate’s value before the due date and after 6 months from the issuance date.
Banque Misr is working tirelessly to offer its customers a full and various package of saving products in EGP, to meet their needs and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.