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Banque Misr among Official Sponsors of the EEDC

​​​​Banque Misr, a key pillar of the Egyptian economy, has joined the list of Official Sponsors of the Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC). Egypt's economic summit will be held in Sharm El-Sheikh on the 13-15th March 2015 under the title 'Egypt is the Future.' The conference is considered a key milestone of the government’s medium term economic development plan, which is designed to bring prosperity and improved social services to the people of Egypt. The EEDC will highlight the extensive reforms the government has already implemented and showcase future reforms designed to restore fiscal stability, drive growth, and attract investment. Sponsoring EEDC reflects the Bank’s commitment towards Egypt’s sustainable economic development. The EEDC aims to reposition Egypt on the global investment map and promote mega national projects to attract foreign direct and indirect investments in consideration to the government’s continued efforts to improve the overall investment climate. For being one of the largest national banks in terms of project funding, Banque misr was ranked the 14th in Bloomberg report for Q4/2014 in promoting syndicated loans in the Middle East and South Africa. This ranking came as a result of Banque Misr’s noticeable achievements in corporate finance, syndicated loans, and the arrangement of large funding operations in various fields and sectors. These efforts, in turn, highlight the bank's keenness to achieve sustained economic growth as it is considered one of the nation’s pillars for growth and creation of new employment opportunities.​