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Banque Misr offers “Al Tamyoz” Certificate in EGP with the highest return of 10.5%
​​​Stemming from its commitment to offer outstanding and diversified banking services to meet the needs of various products especially saving ones, Banque Misr offers saving certificate, named "Al Tamyoz" Certificate with various benefits and fixed competitive return along its period. "Al Tamyoz" Certificate is in EGP with 1000 EGP and its increments to normal persons with an Interest rate increased by the bank from 9,5% to 10,5%.
The return is every three months and starts from the date of buying the certificate. The certificate holder is eligible to obtain a loan guaranteed by the certificate and he can regain the certificate’s value after 6 months from the buying date. The certificate can be issued from any of BM 490 branches scattered all over the country.
Banque Misr is working tirelessly to offer its customers a full and various package of saving products, to meet their needs and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.