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Celebrating 30 Years Since Inception, Banque Misr Continues Its Support to Al-Amiriya Company For Spinning & Weaving

Inaugurating the first revamped store in Alexandria as a start point to develop all its branches

Mohamed Barakat, Banque Misr Chairman, asserts keenness to support Al-Amiriya Company for Spinning and Weaving. He further pointed out that the bank has established many other companies in various economic fields. Key companies operate in the textile, insurance, transportation, aviation, and film industries. The bank also acquires numerous shares in the 220 most important projects in the fields of manufacturing, tourism, real estate, agriculture, and nutrition. This is in addition to projects operating in the service sector, and communication & information technology industry.

Further developments and reformation of Al-Amiriya Company for Spinning and Weaving, emphasize the positive role of the bank in corporate finance since its inception in 1920. Al-Amiriya Company for Spinning and Weaving is considered to be one of the most prominent textile companies in Egypt that is characterized with its home textile products on the local and global levels.

Al-Amiriya Company for Spinning and weaving has celebrated 30 years since establishment by renovating its first outlet in Alexandria, the first step towards refurbishing the rest of its showrooms in Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria governorates.

Mr. Mohamed Abu Rid, Company Managing Director affirmed that the company is aiming at achieving great strides in terms of exportation, increasing the assortment of displayed products, and preserving its affordable price rates.