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Free Offers and Promotions by Banque Misr on the Occasion of the International Day for People of Determination Under the Sponsorship of the Central Bank of Egypt

Free Offers and Promotions by Banque Misr on the Occasion of the International Day for People of Determination Under the Sponsorship of the Central Bank of Egypt

Owing to Banque Misr’s keenness on supporting state efforts for financial inclusion and in line with the vision of Egypt 2030 for achieving sustainable development, the Bank actively participated in the events of the International Day for People of Determination, under the sponsorship of the Central Bank of Egypt. This comes in light of the Bank’s belief in the importance of achieving financial inclusion, which aims to enable access of all segments of society to financial products and services that fulfil their diverse needs. These include savings accounts, current accounts, payment and transfer services, insurance, financing and credit. Banque Misr offered various benefits and free offers to serve all customers, especially youths, being the largest segment of society, throughout the events, from 1st to 15th December 2021.

Worth noting is that Banque Misr had provided a multitude of financial products and services, offering benefits and free promotions; such as opening accounts for new customers without administrative fees and without a minimum deposit and issuing “Meeza” debit card on a complimentary basis. As for customers under 16 years of age, they were exempt from administration fees of issuing the prepaid TEENS card. For customers between 16 and 21 years of age, accounts were offered on a free-of-charge basis without the need for guardian’s approval, in addition to issuing BM debit card for free. For customers ranging in age from 21 to 30, account opening was done on a free-of-charge basis, while also being issued a complimentary GO card, coupled with exemption from the administrative fees for issuing credit cards. BM Wallet customers were offered cash-back of 20% on the first transaction, subject to applicable terms and conditions.

Banque Misr pays great attention to supporting people of determination in society, and the Bank had launched “Shawer” campaign to help people of determination who have hearing disabilities, overcome obstacles during their banking transactions. This was done in coordination with the Egyptian Banking Institute, through providing the “sign language” program for a number of customer service and reception officials at Banque Misr branches as a first phase, thereafter, being rolled out to the remaining branches. The program aims to create a communication link between people of determination with hearing disabilities and Bank employees and to overcome any challenges they may face during their banking transactions. This is in line with the directions of the state as well as the Central Bank of Egypt for providing all means of attention, care and support to people with special needs, improving the level of services offered to them by the service sectors in the country, working to integrate them into society and providing them with the best services possible.

The Bank also offers various facilities for people of determination, owing to its belief in human rights, equal opportunities and their right to be an active part of society, whether in terms of providing banking products and services, their presence in branches, facilitating their transactions, allocating ATMs to suit their needs or providing an explanation of services in sign language. This is in order to provide banking operations to them with ease and convenience. It is worth noting that the Bank has around 159 ATM machines in Greater Cairo and the governorates, suited for accommodating visually-impaired customers.

Banque Misr’s participation in the financial inclusion event (International Day for People of Determination) under the auspices of the CBE comes as part of the Bank’s interest in partaking in all initiatives and campaigns launched by the CBE – foremost of which is supporting financial inclusion and the support of women and microenterprise entrepreneurs. Banque Misr is one of the first banks to educate the public on financial inclusion, ever since the strategy’s launch by the CBE in 2014.

Banque Misr keenly works on differentiating its services in order to contribute to more advanced and convenient banking and financial services, while maintaining its long-standing success. This is in addition to proactively partaking in partnerships that optimize the Bank’s role in supporting economic activities, since the values and strategies of the Bank reflect its commitment to achieving sustainable development and prosperity for Egypt; and acting as a catalyst of national and strategic development.