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Classified among best 5 commercials in MEA: Banque Misr “Ibn Masr” Ramadan Campaign Wins Google Lantern Award
The Banque Misr Ramadan 2019 advertising campaign won the distinguished Google Lantern Award 2019. The campaign was classified as one of the best 10 commercials in the Middle East and Africa. The Banque Misr commercial won the award for being one of the most distinct advertising campaigns that was shown on YouTube during Ramadan and scored the highest viewership and positive interactions from users. All the advertising campaigns in Middle East and Africa running during the same period were considered in the award selection, and Banque Misr came in fourth in terms of advertising campaigns including those of the Egyptian mobile operators.
Banque Misr scored numerous participations and positive interactions from its vast fanbase where viewership on its social platforms including YouTube, Facebook and others reached around 45 million views.
Banque Misr was keen on sharing its latest campaign 100 * 100, that marks the Bank’s 100th anniversary, with the Egyptian people since they are the reason for the bank establishment. Banque Misr was established in 1920 by the national economist Mohamed Talaat Harb Pacha. It was the first 100% Egyptian-owned bank and one of the most successful modern endeavors by the Egyptian people. Banque Misr is always keen on inspiring Egyptians by highlighting their ability to realize their dreams no matter how big and to overcome challenges.
Within the same context, Identity Magazine has carried out an opinion survey for the best Ramadan 2019 commercials. Banque Misr scored 66% being the best commercial for the year and one of the mobile operators got 44%. The magazine praised the Bank’s campaigns in recent years, especially the Ramadan 2019 commercial for shedding light on a number of important social issues through its creative idea “Ana Ibn Masr” or I am the son of Egypt. The campaign succeeded in showing the similarities between the bank and the Egyptians with the bank being an important part of the Egyptian culture. Examples of the issues tackled in the campaign were facing challenges and realizing dreams, women’s role in society and enabling them in various ways, as well as rejecting bullying.
In addition to the above, a banking portal specialized in banking services and news, also carried out a survey on the best advertising campaign within the banking sector. Banque Misr came on top in the results of that survey winning the title for the best advertising campaign for the year 2019. The theme song for the campaign topped the chart on Anghami for several weeks in Egypt. The song was also classified as one of the best 10 songs on Anghami in several Arab countries. This reflects how successful the song was in delivering its deep meaning to different classes of society.
According to the international Social Bakers report, Banque Misr occupies the top slot amongst banks’ official channels in terms of viewership on YouTube. The report says that the total numbers of views for the Banque Misr official YouTube channel is more than 79 million, which is 8 folds the figure of the bank in the second place slot in the list. Banque Misr is also on top of the list of banks’ Facebook pages where its fans exceed 4 million. Banque Misr also comes on top compared to other banks on Twitter and Instagram in terms of number of followers.
Banque Misr is always focused on maintaining contact with its customers, the bank’s most important asset, using various technological means.