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With Banque Misr, Stay Where You Are and Purchase All You Need Using the Domestic Meeza Card

Owing to Banque Misr’s keenness on facilitating customer transactions anytime, anywhere; and in activating the “Protect Yourself … Protect Your Country” initiative – encouraging the use of electronic payment methods as an alternative to cash – customers can now use BM’s domestic “Meeza” card for electronic payments. The card is considered the first smart payment card bearing the National Payments Network logo "Meeza".

This prepaid card is issued to different customer segments and may be used like any other electronic payment card, provided that it is utilized only within the Arab Republic of Egypt by purchasing from commercial outlets having POS belonging to vendors contracting with Egyptian banks that provide vendor collection services. This is in addition to affecting various government payments and online shopping transactions. It is also possible to utilize the “Meeza” card for withdrawing cash from ATM machines marked with the sign “123” and belonging to all Egyptian banks, as well as all Banque Misr ATMs located throughout the country.

Banque Misr’s "Meeza" card may be obtained on a free-of-charge basis via the Bank’s branch network located throughout Egypt and enables its holder to recharge the balance via BM’s ATMs that accept cash deposits; as well as through the Bank’s branches.

Worth noting is that Banque Misr has been a pioneer in the domain of electronic payment; whereby it provides numerous services, such as the mobile payment service and the BM Wallet application, which may be linked to the “Meeza” card. This is together with providing vendor collection services via POS and the internet. Banque Misr is also the first bank to provide purchasing technology from points of sale and websites with a QR code for mobile wallet clients. This drives the efforts undertaken by the state towards achieving financial inclusion, extending financial services to all social segments and limiting the use of monetary notes.

Banque Misr is always keen on offering new and modern electronic services to customers, as well as other banking products and services that meet the needs of its customers.