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Banque Misr Signs Collaboration Protocol with the Ministry of Justice for Enhancing Digital Transformation

Banque Misr recently signed 3 collaboration protocols with the Ministry of Justice for the purpose of enhancing digital transformation; namely the activation of a system for provisioning the services of land registry and electronic documentation, a protocol for the remote issuance of trial and economic court certificates at various Banque Misr branches and a protocol for offering real estate financing services to the members of judicial entities, as part of the initiative by the Central Bank of Egypt and other banks.

The event was witnessed by Justice Omar Marwan – the Minister of Justice; in the attendance of Mr. Gamal Negm – Deputy CBE Governor and Mr. Mohamed El-Etreby – Head of the Federation of Egyptian Banks and Chairman of the Board of Banque Misr. The protocols were signed by Mr. Akef El Maghraby – Vice Chairman of the Board of Banque Misr, Justice Sobhy El-Labban – Assistant Justice Minister for Courts and Judicial Claims and Justice Mohamed Abdo Saleh – Assistant Justice Minister for Member Healthcare and Social Affairs.

The partaking in these protocols by Banque Misr signifies its pioneering role in digital transformation and its firm belief in the importance of concerted efforts aiming to implement the national project for securing and digitizing official state documents and allowing access to certificates issued by all trial and economic courts via smart units within its branches. The goal is to enable citizens to receive services without the need to personally refer to the court headquarters, while facilitating citizen transactions. This is also in line with the government’s gradual shift to the new administrative capital, coupled with the state’s provisioning of mechanisms that drive the development of the real estate market and offering real estate financing services to the members of judicial entities, as part of the President’s initiative and those of the CBE.

The Bank consistently partakes in various initiatives and protocols that serve members of the community, with this collaboration signifying the importance attached to offering comprehensive digital services to all citizens, which complements Banque Misr’s pivotal role in supporting the national economy and the state’s digital transformation efforts.