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For the first time in Egypt, Banque Misr automates Microfinancing to provide the service instantly
Banque Misr recently launched its state-of-the-art electronic solution to provide instant Microfinancing. Microfinance customers now enjoy the ability to apply for microfinance loans and receive credit approvals at their locations; a bank employee pays the customer a visit and completes the process, from required documents to finalizing approvals, during the same day, and provide Credit Facility the next day maximum. This is all possible thanks to the tablet used by the employee. This initiative comes as part of the pioneer role Banque Misr plays in driving the economic development engine, and supporting community development. Banque Misr acknowledges the key role microfinance projects play in combating unemployment, increasing domestic production and achieving sustainable development as they are the cornerstone of all industries, hence it is keen on providing them with the support they need.

​Automating microfinance is, of course, reflected on the shortening of the period required to get the loan and the increase of the client base of microfinance projects. Banque Misr also provides other distinguished financial products that satisfy the needs of SMEs products that cover all activities in all sectors. These products are provided through specialized units in our branches covering the republic.
The services that Banque Misr provides to SMEs are not limited to offering diversified financial products, they also include nonfinancial services that are provided through a specialized team of well-trained professionals. These services include the registration of the activity, licensing, feasibility studies, business plans, training programs, financial analysis, and others.
Banque Misr believes time and effort are core assets, and in its efforts to guarantee they are not wasted in vain; the bank is always keen on providing its customers with innovative electronic solutions and services. As an active leading participant in the economic and social development of Egypt, Banque Misr believe in its responsibility to satisfy the financial needs of the different sectors.