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Banque Misr receives Asiamoney’s the “Egypt’s best bank for Asia 2019” award for transaction services (Euromoney)
Banque Misr’s Vice Chairman, Mr. Akef El Maghraby, received the “Egypt’s best bank for Asia 2019” award from the international Asiamoney magazine in recognition of the bank as the best transaction services provider. The ceremony was held on Monday, 25 March 2019, in Hong Kong, china.
Banque Misr recently received various awards in different business sectors from several international institutions in appreciation and recognition for the bank's achievements and efforts. Subsequently, Banque Misr received various awards in the field of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, for instance: The award of "The Fastest Growing SME Bank in Egypt for the year 2018" received from International Finance Magazine; one of the worlds' specialized magazines.   This is in addition to the award of "The Best SME Bank for the year 2018 in the Middle East and North Africa" by Wealth & Finance magazine. The bank also earned the award of "The Best SME Bank in Egypt" by "The European Magazine" – United Kingdom-based magazine. Besides, International Business Magazine has recognized Banque Misr as the best provider of SMEs in 2018.
In regard to managing money market funds, Banque Misr has received several awards, including the award of Best Provider of Short-Term Investments/Money Market Funds in Africa and the Middle East of 2019", where it is the 11th time for Banque Misr to receive an award by Global Finance.
Such award is granted to the best Bank all over the Middle East for achieving the highest level of excellence in terms of revenue, quality of customer care services, market share ratio, competitive pricing compared to that offered by other banks, and the appliance of the latest state-of-art banking technologies.
With respect to the efforts that have been exerted in the last period regarding corporate credit and syndicated loans, Banque Misr has successfully received several awards; pursuant to the classification of Bloomberg Global for the first half of 2018, BM has been ranked in the second place over Africa for being a principal administrator of syndicated loans and in financing projects with 5.5% market share. Banque Misr has been also ranked in the third place over the African Continent in marketing, administrating and arranging syndicated loans and in financing projects with 6.8% market share, which reflects the bank's continuity in achieving advanced ranks in such classifications since 2015; such classification also shows the banks persistence on achieving outstanding results in marketing and arranging syndicated loans and in project finance. The bank received the award of the Best Egyptian Bank in terms of arranging syndicated loans and financing projects for the year 2018 from the International Arab Bankers Union. This is in addition to the award of the "Best Project Finance House in Africa in 2017" for the third successive year by EMEA Finance Institution.
Regarding the Islamic banking sector, Banque Misr has successfully received awards; as  Banque Misr has been awarded "Musharakah Deal of the Year 2017" from the Islamic Finance News, which is considered the most prestigious award globally recognized in the field of Islamic Financing transactions. It is worth mentioning that it is the third time that BM's Islamic banking sector won IFN Deals of the Year Award from the same Institution. Moreover, BM received the "Best Islamic Bank - Egypt 2018" award from "International Finance Magazine". The bank also earned the award of the "Best Islamic Transactions Bank – Egypt 2018" from the United Kingdom-based magazine "Global Business Outlook".
In regard to CSR, Banque Misr has received the award of "The Best Bank in Social Responsibility – Egypt 2018" from International Business Magazine. For trade financing, the bank earned the award of the "Fastest Growing Bank in Trade Financing in Egypt" for the year 2018 by Global Banking & Finance Review as well as the award of "The Fastest Growing Bank in Cash Management in Egypt for 2018" by Global Banking & Finance Review.
Furthermore, Banque Misr has been successfully named Best Regional Bank of the Year 2018 for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) (the Middle East and Africa) at the 2018 Asiamoney New Silk Road Finance Awards. Last but not least, Banque Misr has been named the Bank of the Year in Egypt for the year 2018 in the rankings published by "The Banker", an international magazine owned by The Financial Times Ltd.
BM's acquisition of these awards is deemed certificate of entitlement to customers' trust and confidence on which the bank's attention is mainly focused for considering its customers as partners of success. Thus, Banque Misr strives to provide up-to-date services and products that meet the customers' needs.