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Banque Misr Marks Graduation of First Class of Its Nile University Scholarship
Banque Misr celebrated the graduation of the first Nile University scholarship class. The celebration was attended by Mr Mohamed El-Etreby – Chairman of Banque Misr, Dr Tarek Khalil – Nile University President, Mr Akef El Maghraby – Banque Misr Vice Chairman, and the Banque Misr scholarship graduating students. The scholarships grant is aimed at supporting science and encouraging Egyptian youth scientific calibers, which in turn would have a role in developing society and accelerating progress. Banque Misr believes that science and education are the most important pillars of civilization.  
The bank has granted 50 scholarships at the Nile University for bachelor’s degree holders in the fields of engineering, business management, as well as post-graduate students. Banque Misr’s participation in this initiative as well as in other programs that aim at increasing the quality of education and scientific research, highlight the bank’s leading role in the social responsibility domain as one of the main areas the bank believes in and that the bank is contributing towards whether directly or indirectly through its not-for-profit organization “Banque Misr Foundation for Community Development”. Banque Misr remains a role model for all institutions in supporting the society in all available ways to achieve sustainable development.
Banque Misr takes part in many activities that support community development, that mainly focus on human development, especially in the field of education. Banque Misr has recently supported a number of Egyptian universities to help develop these universities in various activities and fields. The bank has also recently signed two cooperation protocols to support education and scientific research with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the Ministry of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform. Banque Misr has also supported the Zewail University by constructing an important building in the Zewail City which is “Banque Misr for Student Services”. The bank sponsored the national project for eliminating illiteracy in cooperation with the Ain Shams University. In addition to the above, the Banque Misr Foundation for Community Development has also participated in renovating a number of schools in different governorates.
The other fields where the bank is also active include creating job opportunities for youth and single mothers, the health domain, and the development of Egyptian villages. The bank is always keen on encouraging partnerships between different sectors within the Egyptian community including governmental, civil and private, through presenting a successful model that can be replicated on all levels and sectors, to truly and efficiently contribute towards developing the community.
Banque Misr is also always keen on supporting projects the mainly focus on scientific calibers and enriching their talents. This is because the bank is keen on providing the opportunity for a highly-technical education that matches the international education standards. Banque Misr has spent around EGP 800 million in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility in the fiscal year 2018/2019.
Banque Misr has recently won several international awards in the field of social responsibility; out of which was the award for “Best bank in the field of Social Responsibility – Egypt 2018” and the “Best bank in environmental sustainability – Egypt 2019” from the British Global Business Outlook magazine; the award for “Best bank in social responsibility – Egypt” from the International Business magazine for the years 2018 and 2019; and the award for “Best bank in social responsibility – Egypt 2019” from the British Global Brands magazine. Winning such awards is considered a well-earned recognition for the bank by its customers which are the bank’s most important asset as they are the partners of success. Banque Misr is always looking to offer all that is new in services and products to satisfy its customers’ needs.