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Banque Misr Extends Numerous Offers and Privileges in Celebration of International Women’s Day in Support of Financial Inclusion, Under the Auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt
Owing to its continuous support of state efforts for achieving financial inclusion and in line with the vision of Egypt 2030 for sustainable development, Banque Misr has extended numerous offers and privileges on the occasion of International Women's Day under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt. This comes in light of the Bank's strong conviction of the importance of achieving financial inclusion, which seeks to enable all social segments to access financial products and services that fulfil their various needs; such as for instance savings accounts, current accounts, payment and transfer services, insurance, financing and credit. The Bank has been keen on offering numerous privileges and free offers that serve all customers – especially women and youths – since these constitute the largest social segment, throughout the events, which run from 8th March to 31st March 2022.

Banque Misr is offering various financial products and services via free offers and privileges on the occasion of International Women's Day; such as opening accounts for new customers on a free-of-charge basis and without minimum limits, issuing Meeza debit cards and cash-back of 20% of the first financial transaction of BM Wallet, as per applicable terms and conditions.

This is in addition to various other offers and promotions; such as exemption from the charges of the pre-paid TEENS card for those under 16 years old, issuing a BM Card for free to customers ranging in age from 16 – 21 years, opening accounts on a free-of-charge-basis without a guardian's approval and opening accounts and issuing free GO Cards for customers from 21 to 30 years of age. These cards are considered a part of the youth program. This is in addition to exemption from credit card issuance fees if a personal loan is acquired during the month of March, in addition to the presence of Bank employees at its branches located throughout the Republic; such as at universities, schools, sports clubs, youth centers, commercial malls and other destinations in order to provision the Bank's products and services and open customer accounts.

In light of Banque Misr's support of Egyptian women, the Bank has partaken in the National Program for Development of the Egyptian Family, in collaboration with the National Council for Women, in order to proliferate a culture of financial inclusion. Also worth noting is that Banque Misr has keenly partaken in all initiatives and campaigns launched by the CBE – most notable of which are financial inclusion campaigns – as well as initiatives that support women. This is through offering various financial services and supporting micro-project owners in a manner that contributes to strengthening the Egyptian economy and improving the living standards of individuals. The Bank is also considered a pioneer in financial inclusion and education ever since this was first launched in Egypt in 2014 – sponsored by the CBE – through its support of SMEs via the "Nilepreneurs" initiative, under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt. The Bank has also spared no effort in developing new banking products that suit all age groups and accommodate current technical advances, in order to fulfil the expectations of customers, incorporate marginalized sectors and achieve financial inclusion.