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Sponsorship of the Cairo University Technology Transfer Competition


The competition is considered a comprehensive theoretical and scientific educational program. The competition aims to encourage teaching students the missing step in the educational system, which is how to transfer, employ, market, and practically apply the knowledge they have gained at university. This is achieved through changing the educational culture towards entrepreneurship and business management, and bridging the gap between the university and the industry. The competition also aims to encourage and teach the tools of innovation in order to find individual solutions to national and social problems. This is achieved through the competition, which is considered a method to design and execute a comprehensive training and education program that addresses the needs of students and researchers.


The competition is associated with creating an incubator for the university’s work, which would have its own program that aims to sponsor selected projects in order to allow them to reach the execution and marketing stage, as a practical statement, and is not simply limited to handing out prizes to the three winning teams at a celebration at the university.


The foundation sponsored the second and third phases of the competition, to allow the three winning teams’ project to materialize into existing businesses.