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Comprehensive Village Development project for Markaz Juhyna -Sohag governorate implemented in collaboration with Omar Bin Abd El Aziz Association



Project Activities:


  • Establishing 5 new kindergarten classrooms in a public school in addition to providing necessary school supplies as well as providing training to teachers on new methods. 
  • Upgrading the infrastructure for a primary public school. 
  • Establishing 5 computer labs in 5 public schools and providing training to 100 teachers on how to use computers in teaching. 
  • Offering Re-enrolment classes in 10 primary and preparatory schools.
  • Activating the school activities through training the students in Industrial school on executing productive projects (carpentry work).
  • Implementing 160 economic projects for young men & young women and poor families.
  • Providing training to 20 young women in tailoring and 20 young men on electricity.
  • Organizing medical convoys providing a range of specialised medical care for the underserved villagers.
  • Organizing seminars for health and medical awareness.


Project Duration: one year