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Comprehensive Village Development project for Al Zouk western village – Markaz Al Monshaa Sohag governorate implemented in collaboration with the Association of Upper Egypt for education and Development (AUEED).



It is worth noting that Al Zouk western village lies in Markaz Al Monshaa  in Sohag Governorate with a total population of 11161 people. Its people work in agricultural, educational and livestock farming projects and contain 2 primary schools and 1 preparatory school.

The project aims to improve the quality of life for residents of the village in several aspects: education, health, economic, cultural and skills.


Project Activities:


  • Establishing new kindergarten classrooms in public schools
  • Providing maintenance and renovation for basic education
  • Establishing re-enrolment classes and scholarships
  • Establishing computer labs and enhancing the playgrounds in two public schools
  • Establishing literacy sessions
  • Providing training for teachers
  • Organizing 4 medical convoys and providing a range of specialized medical care for the underserved villagers
  • Supporting the village medical unit with medical supplies and providing the neediest treatment
  • Executing small projects for 90 families
  • Implementing craftsmanship programs


Project duration: one year