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A step towards developing 4 villages project in Markaz Menouf, located in the Nile Delta governorate of Menoufia implemented in cooperation with Masr ElMahrousa Balady Association (MMBA)




Al Amra, Shoubra Balola, and kafr Shoubra villagers suffer from high levels of poverty and considered to among the poorest villages in Markaz Menouf. 

It is worth noting that Markaz Menouf is located in Menoufia governorate covers an area of 2499 Km2, and divided into 9 cluster of villages, 10 cities, and 70 administrative units with a total population of 3580000 people with a reported unemployment rate of 10.6%.


Project Activities:


  • Renovating and improving Al Amra Preparatory School groundwork including: Electricity, priming, painting, plumbing, and furnishing   classrooms with blackboards and desks
  • Providing training programs to kindergarten teachers
  • Develop the infrastructure, furnish, provide computers and establish play areas for 16 kindergarten classrooms in various public schools
  • Supporting students’ initiatives, contests, and camps
  • Establishing livestock farming projects benefiting 38 families in addition to creating lambs and goats breeding benefiting 60 families
  • Hosting training workshops for youth on mobile phones and satellite dish maintenance for a total of 15 youngsters per each maintenance workshop


Project duration: Two years