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Entelaka project for developing Adwa Village, Aswan Governorate implemented in cooperation with Masr El Mahrousa Balady Association (MMBA)



Adwa is a village that falls under Kom Ombo local unit, Aswan governorate. Aswan is divided into five clusters of villages (Aswan – Dorwa – Kom Ombo – Nasr Al Nowba – Edfu). The governorate covers an area of 62726.002 square km and it has a population of 385473 inhabitants.

Adwa village locates in a side road on the western side of Cairo Aswan Road, 12 km far from Kom Ombo. It falls under Aqleet village local unit that includes five villages. Adwa village is divided into Al Nag Al Gharbi, Al Nag Al Bahari, Al Nag Al Sahrqi and Al Nag Al Qebli with a total population of 8000 inhabitants representing nearly 1629 families who live in nearly 1429 houses.


Project activities:


  • Executing infrastructure maintenance for a primary school.
  • Furnishing 8 kindergarten halls in partner associations and/or schools.
  • Supporting 200 students, threatened to be school dropout students, with paying school fees and providing some of them with uniforms.
  • Raising the awareness of village inhabitants regarding the mechanisms of protecting the environment from fire risks.
  • Providing health services for village inhabitants whether through raising the awareness, providing medical tests, providing treatments and/or providing the medical units with tools and equipments for a medical lab.
  • Developing and preparing Adwa youth centre, establishing a garden and kid creativity centre.
  • Renovating the infrastructure of 52 dilapidated houses and operating drinking water supply networks to 30 houses.
  • Providing 6 farms with new palm offspring.
  • Providing technical and tangible support for 35 inhabitants in order to start their small projects for improving their economic level.
  • Improving the economic level for 200 inhabitants.


Project duration: 18 months