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Improving the quality of life project in Al-Gharyera village, Markaz Isna, Luxor governorate implemented in cooperation with Masr El Mahrousa Balady Association (MMBA).


Al-Gharyera village falls under the local administrative units of Kiman Al Matana village, Markaz Isna, Luxor governorate.   Al-Gharyera village located 25 Km towards the south, 15 Km far from Markaz Armant, and 35 Km north Luxor governorate.  Al-Gharyera is bordered on the north by Armant city, on the south by Kiman village, on the east by the Nile river, and on the west by the Western Desert. A number of hamlets (settlements) falls under Al-Gharyera village including ( Naga Al Malek, Naga Al Mostamra, Naga Maky Salm, Naga Sad, Ezbet Abou Helal, Al-Gharyera Al- Gedida, Abou Hams, Naga Al Shiekh Ahod, Al Gableen).

It is worth noting that Al-Gharyera village total population is estimated at 8370 people.


Project Activities:


  • Establishing and funding 12 kindergarten halls in associations and public schools
  • Funding 20 re-enrolment classes
  • Training and funding 150 economic and social solidarity projects aimed at youth and women
  • Organize medical convoys providing a range of specialised medical care for the underserved villagers
  • Renovating the infrastructure of 10 dilapidated houses and ceilings owned for 25 unprivileged families in addition to operating drinking water supply networks to 30 houses.
  • Hosting awareness workshops for a total of 150 farmers to shed the light on modern techniques used in the fields of agricultural, breeding, and agricultural rationalisation
  • Improving the economic status of 40 farmers through providing them with Beri palm dates produce (offspring/seeds)
  • Developing a creativity centre and a garden for children within the current youth centre located in the village


Project duration: 21 Months