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Banque Misr Capital Guanateed Fund (Sandouk El Omr)

General Data

General Data

Fund Name

Banque Misr Capital Guanateed Fund (Sandouk El Omr)

Fund Category

Accumulated - Capital Guaranteed Fund

Investment Objective

Diversify investments across a carefully allocated mix of stocks, Bonds and Short term money market instruments. The Fund is Capital Guaranteed after 3 yrs.


Accumulative Fund

Inception Date

2 October 2003

Subscription & Redemption

Subscription : Daily before 12:00 PM from any of BM branches / Redemption: Before 12:00 PM on first day of Business week from any of BM branches

NAV Publishing

On the first business day of the week at Alahram Newspaper

Fund Manager

Misr Capital (SAE)​


                     Arab African International Bank


Mostafa Shawky Mazarz Office - Rashed & Badr Office PKF

Financial Data

Financial Data

Fund Size

EGP 200 million

Seed Capital by Banque Misr

EGP 12.5 million

Initial NAV per Certificate

EGP 100

Minimum Subscription

1 Certificate

Fund manager Fees

The fees are settled according to the following segments:

1- Management Fees

LE 10 MM : 0.2% annually of Net Asset Value (NAV)
Above LE 10 MM : 0.6% annually of Net Asset Value (NAV)

2- Performance Fees

8%of annually from Net profit above 91 day T-bills yield +2% (in case of not issuing of 3m Treasudy bills , they can be replaced by Banque Misr average return of 3 months deposits)

Bank Fees

0.8% annually from Net Asset Value ( NAV )

Subscription Fees


Redemption Fees

1-3 Yrs: .25 % /  after 3 Yrs : Zero

Assets Allocation


Allocation Equities %

Max.Allocation: (30% of NAV)

Allocation Fixed Income %

Min.Allocation: ( 70% of NAV)

Securities Per Issuer

Max. Allocation: (10% of NAV) & (15% of issue)

Securities Per Sector

Max. Allocation: (30% of NAV)

International CD's

Max. Allocation: (20% of NAV)

Funds Issued by Other Banks

Max. Allocation: (10% of NAV) & (5% of issue)

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