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Banque Misr Fund III - " Previousely Exterior "

General Data

General Data

Fund Name

Banque Misr Fund III

Fund Category

Equity Fund

Investment Objective

Maximization of capital gains and periodic returns to be distributed to holders of the Fund certificates issued by the Mutual Fund, through investing in a diversified portfolio of local and international securities consisting of shares and bonds.


Semi Annualiy

Inception Date

11 December 1997

Subscription & Redemption

on Wednesday by the end of day price of Thursday and the transactions are implemented on the first working day of every week.

 NAV Publishing

On first day of business week at Alahram newspaper

Fund Manager

Misr Capital (SAE)​


Banque Misr


MRI (Mustafa Shawky & Partners) & KPMG ( Hazem Hassan )

Financial Data

Financial Data

Fund Size at Inception

EGP 100 million

Seed Capital by Banque Misr

EGP 10 million

Initial NAV per Certificate


Minimum Subscription

1 Certificate

Fund manager fees


1- Management Fees

0.45% annually from Net Asset Value ( NAV)

2- Performance Fees

7.5% of annually from Net profit above 91 day T-bills yield

Bank Fees

0.45% annually from Net Asset Value (NAV)

Subscription Fees


Redemption Fees

1% of the redemption price (NAV) payable to the fund

Assets Allocation

Assets Allocation

Allocation Equities %

Max. Allocation:(90% of total assets)

Allocation Bonds %

Max. Allocation: (60% of total assets)

Securities per Issuer

Max. Allocation: (10% of total assets) & (15% of issue)

Securities per Sector

Max. Allocation: (30% of total assets)

Funds issued by other banks

Max. Allocation: (10% of total assets) exceeding ( 5% of the issue )

Funds Issued by Other Banks

**The nominal value of the certificate became LE100 after a split of 10:1