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Banque Misr ​Money Market Fund (Youm b Youm - Euro)​



Banque Misr Money Market Fund - Euro

General Data

General Data

Fund Category

Money Market Fund

Investment Objective

The Fund’s objective is to provide investors with daily liquidity while preserving capital and maximizing return. Its objectives are achieved through diversifying its investments in secure high-yielding short-term interest-bearing instruments. It invests in short and medium term investments such as sovereign bonds, treasury Bills, notes, bonds and bank deposits, certificates of deposits, corporate bonds, and other Euro securities .


Daily Accumulated Fund

Inception Date

2 April 2007

Subscription & Redemption

Daily before 2PM from any of BM branches

 NAV Publishing

Daily at Alahram Newspaper

Fund Manager

Misr capital (SAE)​


Banque Misr


Hazem Hassan (KPMG) - The bureau of Dr. Abdel Aziz Hegazy & Partners

Financial Data

Financial Data

Fund Size at Inception

Euro 50 Million

Seed Capital by Banque Misr

Euro 2.5 Million

Initial NAV per Certificate

Euro 10

Minimum Subscription

Euro 5000

Fund manager fees


Management Fees

0.25% of NAV

Performance Fees


Bank Fees

0.15% of NAV

Marketing fees

0.25% of NAV

Other fees


Subscription Fees

Individuals: Euro 20                    Corporates: Euro 50

Redemption Fees


Assets Allocation

Assets Allocation

Allocation of Cash %

max allocation 95% of total assets

Allocation of  Euro Treasury Bills %

100% of total assets

Sovereign Bonds %

max allocation 40% of total assets

Allocation of Euro Saving Certificates

 max allocation 40% of total assets

Allocation of Corp.Bonds, Euro securities &other fixed income securities

max allocation 30% of total assets (max.allocation: 20% for each)

Deposits, bonds, saving certificates

max allocation 20% of total assets

Currency swap contracts, interests, derivatives, options and futures

max allocation 25% of total assets

Structured Products

max allocation 40% of total assets

Securities Per Issuer

max allocation: (10% of total assets) & ( 15% of Issue )

Funds Cert. Issued by other Banks

max allocation: (20% of total assets) & ( 5% of Issue )