​Certificate Features

Certificate Type: nominal and not transferrable

Only issued to natural persons

Certificate Duration: 12 months non-renewable, commencing on the business day following the date of purchase.

Certificate Category: EGP 1,000 and multiples

Payout and Frequency: Fixed revenue of 15% per annum, with monthly payout  


Purchasing the Certificate:

The certificate may be purchase via internet banking or the mobile banking application – BM Online – or through the call center or by email as follows:​


Current Banque Misr Customers


1- Add the amount at which you wish to purchase the certificate to your account, via bank transfer to your BM account.

2- Ibn Misr Certificate can purchased through one of the following ways:

  • Internet banking and mobile banking service BM Online
  • Call Center:19888
  • E-Mail: Ibnmisr@banquemisr.com
  • Banque Misr Website: (Press Here​)
  • Banque Misr ATM using debit cards of Banque Misr
  • Whats up Business service: +20219888​​ 
3- An SMS confirming the purchase of the certificate shall be sent the following day at the latest.


New Banque Misr Customers

  1. A transfer shall be made from the customer’s bank to Banque Misr account no. (Ibn Masr 1000290000000030).
  2. Ensure adding “the purpose of the transfer is depositing Ibn Masr Certificate”, as well as the customer’s ID no. and mobile no. The transfer shall not be accepted without the required data.
  3. An SMS confirming the receipt of the request shall be sent the following day.

Important Information

  • You are kindly requested to refrain from visiting the branch to avoid overcrowding and to ensure your safety and the safety of BM personnel.
  • Cash deposits shall not be accepted for purchasing the certificate
  • The certificate may not be redeemed before six months
  • If the certificate is redeemed after six months, an annual return of 7% shall be calculated.