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Purchasing Belady Euro Certificate

Terms & Conditions governing the payment for the value of the Euro  " Belady Certificates "

By using the payment Cards issued from Banks overseas outside Egypt

  1. The Cardholder shall be bound by the instructions issued by international Organizations (Visa And MasterCard) together with any changes and amendments that will be made by such organizations which shall be deemed an integral part of his obligations stipulated hereunder.
  2. The two Parties agree that the only payment cards that shall be accepted for the payment to purchase Euro " Belady Certificates " will be those Cards that bear the logos of the two organizations : Visa and MasterCard.
  3. The cardholder shall be obligated to use any of the payment cards issued by the banks overseas outside Egypt to pay for purchasing " Belady Certificates " . In the event any other payment card issued by one of the local banks inside the Arab Republic of Egypt is used for payment , Banque Misr then be entitled to cancel the purchase transaction of the Certificate and refund the amount onto such card.
  4.  The cardholder shall refrain from using this card in carrying out transactions for purchasing the Euro " Belady Certificates " with more than 10 thousand Euros per each payment card, and if Banque Misr finds otherwise , it shall then be entitled to cancel the issued Certificate(s) that lead to exceeding the said amount.
  5. The two Parties agree that the card used for paying the amount(s) of the Euro " Belady Certificates ", is only a payment method for purchasing the Certificate and may not be used for any other purposes for withdrawal and depositing , except for concluding the transaction to pay for the value of the Certificate.
  6. The cardholder shall be fully responsible for the payment process required for purchasing the Euro " Belady Certificates ", without any responsibility on the part of Banque Misr.
  7. The two parties agree that Banque Misr shall execute the purchase transaction of the certificate after carrying out the payment process through the payment cards issued by banks overseas, within two working days from the date of carrying out the payment process, and after receiving the paid amount by Banque Misr from the bank issuing the card through the settlement system accredited by the international organization. 
  8. If the cardholder disapproves the payment process carried out through his card, then Banque Misr shall cancel the purchased certificate and refund its amount to the cardholder after lapse of the one-year period stipulated in the purchase application of the certificate signed by client concerning the refund of the amount of the certificate.
  9. Banque Misr is entitled to cancel the certificate purchased from the client if the card used in payment is proven to be forged and report the payment process as a fraudulent transaction.
  10. All correspondences, writing and papers sent by the bank to the cardholder to his ordinary or electronic address shall be deemed valid, unless the bank is advised immediately of it being changed by virtue of a letter sent by registered mail against receipt. The Bank's books, as well all papers and means shall be deemed evidence concerning the validity of addressing these correspondences, together with the contents thereof and producing their legal effects without any objection from the cardholder in relation thereto.
  11.  The payment process and all the instructions and undertakings involved shall be governed by the Egyptian lows, and any dispute that may arise from their interpretation or implementation shall be decided by Cairo courts of all levels.
  12. The bank reserves its right to change and amend these terms and conditions from time-to-time, without the need of obtaining the approval of the cardholder who is using the card from the payment process. The bank shall advice the cardholder with any amendment in the method as the bank deems fit. Such amendment to these terms and conditions shall be deemed an integral part hereof, without a need for a written consent from the cardholder.