The Maestro Certificate in Egyptian Pounds

  • The certificate is nominal, non-assignable, and non-renewable
  • Only individuals, who live in Egypt or abroad, are eligible to purchase the certificate in their names or on behalf of minors, as per applicable laws and regulations.
  • The certificate is issued in denominations of EGP 500 and its multiples.
  • The certificate currency: Egyptian Pound
  • The certificate tenor: 3 years
  •  Certificate holder is not eligible to receive loans against the certificate value.
  • The assignable currencies: Foreign and Arab currencies excluding the Egyptian pound. The sum fractions are to be transferred to your BM accounts, following the purchase   
  • The annual Return Rate: 15% fixed annual return rate throughout the certificate tenor
  • Frequency of return disbursement: returns are disbursed every 3 months and transferred automatically to the certificate holder's account in Egyptian pound. On the maturity date, the certificate value is transferred also to your account in Egyptian pound. 
  • The Refund Policy: certificate can be refunded after 6 months of the following day of purchasing date.
  • The certificate could be purchased through our correspondents or via bank transfer 
  • the bank has no obligation to transfer the certificate value to other countries on the maturity date or at refund

Where to purchase Maestro Certificate in Egyption pound :

  • The certificate could be purchased at one of our 500 branches throughout Egypt
  • Or through our correspondents or via bank transfer 

 Purchasing Maestro Certificate in Egyptian Pounds  through our correspondents or bank transfer

Purchasing The Maestro Certificate by E-Payment cards