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These ​are insurance services and programs provided by BANQUE MISR through a network of branches throughout the Country. They are offered in the modern context of advanced banking services of commercial banks. They are comprehensive services that serve the broad family and company sectors of BANQUE MISR clients. ">

What are the b​enefits offered to clients by this service ?

1.Trust and safety of choice.

2.Enabling clients to get all financial needs from one outlet.

3.Updating and development of the financial services available at BANQUE MISR, ensuring addressing our clients' prospects and ambitions whatever they are.

4- The large scope of services gives clients the trust to deal with BANQUE MISR for other financial services offered.

5- Providing proper protection to our clients against any misfortunate events. There is no need to worry, as we will always be available to assist our clients.

6- The policy of BANQUE MISR is to give the highest priority to clients' needs.

7- Insurance programs offered are characterized with flexibility regarding setting premiums and amounts of insurance covers are suitable to clients' needs, taking into consideration the age & time when client needs to incash his policy.


Allianz Misr life Insurance company

Being a member of ALLIANZ Group, it was incorporated in 1976 as a free-zone company that strongly launched the life insurance business in 2001. Allianz Misr life insurance company has the international support from ALLIANZ Group to become the first choice for clients when they seek protection for their families and securing a stable financial status in the future.



It was incorporated in Germany in 1890, having more than 180000 employees worldwide. ALLIANZ provides its clients, more than 60 millions in more than 70 states, with a wide range of financial services, through an international network of affiliate companies.

ALLIANZ Group, ranked AA- , is one of the largest financial service corporations worldwide and manages assets that worth more than L.E 5800 billion. Allianz Misr life insurance company is the first choice for clients when they are searching for insurance to their families as well as a stable financial status in future.

The ranking of the group is based on the financial status and ability to pay future liabilities, according to the assessment of an international rating company Standard & Poors Group.

The Programs available are:

I.  Taaleem Program
II. Mustaqbal program
III.Hemaya Program
IV. Salama Program

What is the next step ?

If you want to know more about these programs or to discuss your future plans with a financial expert, please do not hesitate to contact the “employee in charge of customer service” in th​e branch you deal with.

Due to the fact that the policy of BANQUE MISR is to be easily accessible to clients, this service will be available in most of our branches in the coming period.