Egyptian Postal Authority (Platinum Card)

Egyptain postal authority (platuium Credit).jpg



  • Card Can be issued in kind guarantee to customers of the Egypt Post through its branches

  • Card usage in both local and international purchase transactions and cash withdrawals in addition to payment in Egyptian pound.  

  • The flexibility to use100% of the card credit limit in cash withdrawals.

  • Possibility of issuing a number of supplementary cards.

  • The ability to use the card over the internet

  • Enjoy the longest grace period up to 57 days.

  • Offers you the lowest payment limit with 5% of the monthly usages.

  • Card transactions can be paid through any of Banque Misr cash deposit ATMs.

  • Card transactions can be paid at any of the BM branches available all over Egypt, and can be paid any day all over the 24 hrs. At any of BM branches located in Airports and Hotels.

  • Promotions and discounts in the fanciest shopping centers inside and outside Egypt. For more details kindly download Visa Explore application.

  • Purchases protection service; offered to Platinum Visa Cardholders to protect their purchase against theft and damage for up to 365 days as of the date of purchase. Access to VIP lounges in more than 25 Airports around the world, for further information please visit:

  • Extended warranty period; warranty period for all the purchases purchased with platinum visa credit card extends up to one year maximum

  • Enjoy several benefits and services during travelling including medical and legal services in addition to other services all over the world

  • Free SMS service after each card transaction in addition to issuing a monthly transactions statement showing the debit value and minimum payment limit as well as credit card issuance or renewal.

  • Installment payment for card purchase transactions and cash withdrawals up to 36 months with special interest rate.

  • Enjoy interest-free installments up to 6 or 12 months for purchases at many merchants  Click here to view list of merchants

  • Earn reward points through domestic and international spends ,which can be redeemed through the following:

    • Travelling All Over the World (Airline Tickets- Hotels-Car Rent)

    • Electronic vouchers for purchases made at any of BM partner merchant outlets.

    • Attaining many special products from BM partner merchant outlets through visiting BM Rewards Club website, which will couriered to your registered address

    • Recharging Mobile Credit

    • Ability to redeem the value of the point to cash transfer to your credit card

To register and manage your points, please visit: or call 19888


Usage limits


Limit of Online Purchasing Inside Egypt

Within the card credit limits with Maximum 400000 EGP per Month with  a limit of 8 times daily

Limit of Online Purchasing Outside Egypt

Within the card credit limits with Maximum 400000 EGP per Month with  a limit of 5 times daily

Local purchase transactions

Within the credit limits of the card

International purchase transactions

Within the credit limits of the card

Local cash withdrawals (ATM)

EGP 20000 Daily:

EGP 10000 from BM ATMs

EGP 10000 from Other Banks' ATMs

P.O.S cash withdrawal from BM Branches

Within the card credit limits

International cash withdrawals

Within the card credit limits


Credit Limit

  • Enjoy credit limit starting from 25,000 EGP up to less than 300,000 EGP


Fees and charges



EGP 300


EGP 200

Supplementary cards issuance and renewal

Free of charges with maximum 4 cards and EGP 100 for any additional card exceeding the 4 supplementary cards

Reissuance of a  replacement for  lost/damaged cards

EGP 75

Cash withdrawals through BM ATMs and P.O.S and Other banks’ machines within Egypt

2% of the amount withdrawn with minimum  EGP  15

Inquiry about the available balance via BM ATMs


Inquiry about the available balance via Other banks’ ATMs inside Egypt

EGP  1 per transation

Inquiry about the available balance via ATMs outside Egypt

EGP 3 per transation

Interest rate

2% monthly

Penalty for delay

EGP 50

Exceeding credit limit

EGP 30

Cash withdrawals outside Egypt

3% of the transaction’s value + EGP 50 per transation

Transactions outside Egypt (cash withdrawals – purchases)

3% of the transaction’s value

Disputing on any transaction through (Fax, Email or Call Centre) where it is proven that the customer is not entitled to dispute on such transaction

EGP 50

Printing certified transactions statement starting from the following month

EGP 20

Requesting clearance letter, certificate of indebtedness or to whom it may concern letter

EGP 50


Installment Services


Number of Months

Interest Rate on purchases

Interest Rate on cash withdrawal

6/12/24/36 months

1.7% per month on the basis of declining balance interest

2.17% per month on the basis of declining balance interest

 In case the customer wishes to pay-on installment for a processed transaction, then the following procedures shall be applied:

  1. Cash withdrawal transaction is carried out through credit card according to the card available balance
  2. During the performance of cash withdrawal transaction BM call center will be contacted in order to request the installment of transaction.
  3. Early repayment fees of 4% are applied in case the customer has paid the value of his installment.
  4. Cash withdrawal charges calculated on the customer’s credit card and related to the amount requested to be paid-on installment will be refunded.