Internet MasterCard




  • Credit card is secured through personal assets as collateral

  • Card usage in both local and international purchase transactions and cash withdrawals in addition to payment in Egyptian pound.  

  • Credit limit is up to 70% of the collateral value. Credit card can be issued without the use of tangible assets as collateral.

  • Enjoy the longest grace period up to 57 days.

  • Offers you the lowest payment limit with 5% of the monthly usages.

  • Card transactions can be paid at any of the BM branches available all over Egypt, and can be paid any day all over the 24 hrs. At any of BM branches located in Airports and Hotels.

  • Free SMS service after each card transaction in addition to issuing a monthly transactions statement showing the debit value and minimum payment limit as well as credit card issuance or renewal.


Usage limits


Local purchase transactions

Within the credit limits of the card

International purchase transactions

Within the credit limits of the card


Credit Limit


  • Enjoy credit limit starting from EGP 250 up to EGP 15000



Fees and charges


Issuance fees for the first year

EGP 150

Issuance fees the following years

EGP 75

Supplementary cards issuance fees for the first year and the following years

Free of charges

Reissuance fees for a replacement for  lost card

EGP 75

Reissuance fees for the replacement of damaged card

Free of charges

Charges on spending

Spending charges outside Egypt are calculated with 3% of the transaction’s value.



Installment Services


Number of Months

Interest Rate on purchases

6/12/24/36 months

1.7% per month on the basis of declining balance interest



In case the customer wishes to pay-on installment for a processed transaction, then the following procedures shall be applied:

  1. Cash withdrawal transaction is carried out through credit card according to the card available balance

  2. During the performance of cash withdrawal, transaction BM call center will be contacted in order to request the installment of transaction.

  3. Early repayment fees of 4% are applied in case the customer has paid the value of his installment.