Meeza Debit Card

mezza debit.jpg 



  • Five-year card validity

  • The card is issued by opening a current account, a saving account or a day by day account

  • Used in cash withdrawals and purchases inside Egypt

  • The card could be linked with maximum six additional accounts (current - saving - certificates ....) besides the primary account

  • Card holder has the ability to transfer from one account to another through BM ATMs

  • Account balances inquiry that are linked to the card through BM ATMs 24/7

  • Checking account balances that are linked to the card through subscribing to BM’s free service “Online Banking”, available on


Usage Limits

Limit of Online Purchasing Inside Egypt

15000 EGP Daily,300,000 EGP monthly With Maximum 5 times Daily

Purchase inside Egypt

15000 EGP Daily,300,000 EGP monthly

Cash withdrawals from BM ATMs

Other Banks’ ATMs & POS inside Egypt

10000 EGP Daily 100000 EGP Monthly with maximum 5 times Daily


Fees and Commissions


Card Issuance

EGP 20


EGP 20 Annually

Card Issuance for suplementry and Renewal

EGP 20

Replacement of Lost or Damaged Card

EGP 10

Password setup /Reset password


Card issued on day by day accounts

EGP 20 Annually

Cash Withdrawal using from BM ATM and POS networks


Cash Withdrawal using ATM networks of other banks inside Egypt


Account balance inquiry at BM ATM network


Account balance inquiry using ATM network of other banks inside Egypt

EGP 2 per transaction

customer disputed transactions that are not entitled to customer, whether through (fax - email - mail - call center)

EGP 50