Visa Platinum Debit Card




  • The card is issued by opening a current account, a saving account or a day by day account

  • Used in cash withdrawals and purchases inside and outside Egypt

  • The card could be linked with maximum six additional accounts (current - saving - certificates ....) besides the Primary account

  • Card holder has the ability to transfer from one account to another through BM ATMs

  • Account balances inquiry that are linked to the card through BM ATMs 24/7

  • Offers and discounts are being granted at the best commercial centers inside and outside Egypt through Visa explore application

  • Exclusively offering local concierge for cardholders inside Egypt, which can be used through downloading Beyond Assistance Application on your mobile.  

  • Account balances inquiry that are linked to the card through subscribing to BM’s free service “Online Banking”, available on

  • Earn reward points through domestic and international spends, which can be redeemed through the following:

    • Travelling All Over the World (Airline Tickets- Hotels-Car Rent)

    • Electronic vouchers for purchases made at any of BM partner merchant outlets.

    • Attaining many special products from BM partner merchant outlets through visiting BM Rewards Club website, which will couriered to your registered address

    • Recharging Mobile Credit

    • Ability to redeem the value of the point to cash transfer to your credit card

To register and manage your points, please visit: or call 19888




Usage Limits


Limit of Online Purchasing Inside Egypt

50000 EGP Daily With Maximum 5 times Daily

Limit of Online Purchasing Outside Egypt

2000 Dollar Daily With Maximum 3 times Daily

Purchase inside Egypt

No limit per day

Purchase outside Egypt

Equivalent to  USD 25000 per month

Cash withdrawals from BM ATMs

Other Banks’ ATMs & POS inside Egypt

Maximum EGP35000 per day – Maximum 12 times per day

Cash withdrawals from BM POS inside Egypt

Without a maximum limit per day

Cash withdrawals from ATMs & POS outside Egypt

USD 10000 per Month



Fees and Commissions


Card Issuance

EGP 100


EGP 100 Annually

Card Issuance for supplementary & renewal

EGP 100

Replacement of Lost or Damaged Card

EGP 100

Password setup /Reset password

EGP 15

Card issued on day-to-day accounts

EGP 20 Annually

Cash Withdrawal using from BM ATM and POS networks


Cash Withdrawal using ATM networks of other banks inside Egypt (via EBC network)

EGP 6 per transaction

Cash Withdrawal using ATM networks of other banks inside Egypt (Via VISA- MASTERCARD Network)

EGP 5 per transaction

Cash withdrawal using POS of other banks inside Egypt


Cash Withdrawal using ATM/POS networks of other banks outside Egypt


Account balance inquiry at BM ATM network


Account balance inquiry using ATM network of other banks inside Egypt

EGP 1 per transaction

Account balance inquiry using ATM network of other banks outside Egypt

EGP 3 per transaction

Outside usage

3% of the transaction’s total value

Customer disputed transactions that are not entitled to costumer, whether through (fax - email - mail - call center)

EGP 50

Maximum number of debit cards for one customer

No Limit