Domestic Tourism Activation Initiative


Financing for domestic trips is granted to Egyptians through the following financing programs:

  • Employees working in ministries, government entities, the public business sector, the public and private sector, and/or investment sector.
  • Self-employed workers as well as commercial and industrial activities owners.
  • Those to whom pension is due.
  • Saving schemes holders.

General conditions for granting the loan:

  • Return rate of 8.75% for all programs.
  • The borrower should be no less than 21-years old and no older than 60 at the time of the loan's maturity or when reaching retirement age, whichever is earlier. The maximum age for pensioners, self-employed, and those who have their own commercial and industrial activities is 65 with no maximum rate for customers and with a guarantee of savings scheme.
  • The maximum value of the loan reaches up to EGP 50,000 (under certain conditions).
  • The financing percentage reaches up to 90% (under certain conditions).
  • The repayment period reaches up to 24 months (under certain conditions).

Required documents:

  • An application form for financing trips loan signed by the customer.
  • Copy of a valid photo ID.
  • An original copy of a payment bill sent to the customer's address.
  • A certified offer from the company/companies.

For employees:

  • A salary payroll is required.
  • Employer's pledge to transfer the salary/monthly installment (in case the employer accepts to undertake such an initiative).

For self-employed and commercial and industrial activities owners:

  • A copy of the license / permit to practice the profession (for liberal professions).
  • A copy of the tax card.
  • A copy of a recent commercial offprint of the same month from the commercial registry (for commercial and industrial activities).

For pensioners:

  • A statement of value of monthly pension transferred to the bank (in case the pension is transferred without the entity’s pledge).
  • General Authority for Social Security and Pensions or the concerned entity’s pledge to transfer the pension (in case the entity undertook transferring the pension).

Additional benefits:

  • The customer is granted a free life insurance document throughout the period of the loan.
    * Terms and conditions apply.