Individual mortgages (employed persons, freelancers, owners of commercial, industrial, or service activities)



  • The largest loan value, at up to EGP 5 million
  • The longest repayment period, at up to 240 ​months
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Lowest administrative fees (collected upon disbursal of the loan)
  • Borrowers are required to provide a monthly income statement, a copy of the personal ID card, and a utilities bill



  1. Free life insurance (in the unfortunate case of death, the bank does not request any pending dues)
  2. Possibility of granting the loan to the spouse (In the case of the spouse's work)
  3. Possibility of taking out the loan against another real estate unit as collateral (provided that it is registered in the Real Estate Registry)
  4. Clients are exempt from the fees for opening an account, as well as the stamp tax and credit query expenses


Financing programs:

  1. Individual Mortgage for Clients on Payroll
  2. Individual Mortgage with Proof of Income
  3. Individual Mortgage for Liberal Professionals and Business Owners