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Funding Microenterprises


Program Objectives


On the National Level


·          The increase of profits in microenterprises will result in increasing GDP in Egypt

·          Increasing average monthly revenues will improve the standard of living for both business owners and employees, and at the same time, improve the overall standard of living nationwide

·          Creating new job opportunities is an excellent means to solving the unemployment crisis


   - On the Microenterprise level


·          Improving production’s efficiency and technology

·          Enabling credit competent projects to deal with banks directly   

·          Transferring borrowing enterprises from the informal sector to the formal sector


   - Objectives


·          Funding microenterprises in commercial, industrial and service sectors

·          Providing them with capital

·          Financing the purchase of production means


 - MB Branches Implementing The Program


1-    Qena Governorate (Qena –Nagaa Hammady- Quos- Essna- Qeft-Deshna-Luxor-Armant)  

2-  Aswan Governorate (Aswan-Koum Ambo-Edfo)

3- Asuit Governorate (Asuit- Dirout- Manfalout-Al Quosya)  

4- Menia Governorate (Menia-Maghagha- Mallawy- Bani Mazaar) 

     5- Sohag Governorate (Tama- Gerga- Akhmeem- Al        Mansha- Al Balianah- Tahta) 

6    - Bani Suif (Bani Suif- Al Fashn- Bebba) 

7   - Damietta Governorate (Damietta-Faraskour)  

8 -Sharqia Governorate (Zagazig-Faqqous- Hehia- Kafr Saqr- Abu Hammad- Al Qurien)  

9 - Daqqahlia Governorate (Al Modieria St./ Mansoura – Meniat Al Nasr- Aga-Al Sinnbilawien- Dekerrness)

10 - Behira Governorate (Koum Hamada- Shoubrakheet- Itai El Baroud – Rashid – Damanhur- Abu Hommos- Al  Mahmoudiya- Kafr Al Dawwar)   

11 Qaliubyia Governorate (Toukh- Shebeen Al Qanater)  

12 – Monufia Governorate (Al Shohadaa- Ashmoun -Quiesnaa)  

13 - Gharbiya Governorate (Zifta- 73 Al Giesh St. – Tanta- Al Mahalla- Qattor-Basiuon- Kafr Al Ziat)    

14 - Fayyoum Governorate (Al Fayyoum)

15 - Kafr Al Sheikh Governorate (Kafr Al Sheikh- Bieala) 


- The Loan’s Volume and Duration

·          The loan starts from LE 1000 up to LE 15,000  

·          The duration varies from 4 to 18 months and installments are set to be paid on a monthly basis


- For more information, please visit one of the above mentioned branches


     Loans of Social Development​ Fund