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Consumer Loans

Small-Business Loans

Within the framework of Banque Misr’s ongoing contribution to social and economic development and the alleviation of unemployment, it has co-operated with the Social Fund for Development to finance small businesses across all governorates.

Eligible Businesses

All new and existing small businesses are eligible for financing with the condition that they comply with environmental regulations. These businesses include:

-          Industrial, commercial, service, tourism, and freelance businesses

-          Poultry production, preparation, and marketing businesses (including butcheries and related equipment, development of egg rearing farms, development of poultry farms, development of poultry feed factories, refrigerated displays and cars )

-          Medical centers, clinics, and pharmacies run by doctors or pharmacists (under the condition that the doctor or pharmacist have a pharmacy or practicing permit)

Target Groups

Any individual who is able to run a business but lacks the necessary finance as well as individuals who want to expand and develop their existing small businesses (individual institutions, firms, partnerships).

Financing Poultry Businesses

Paid in capital not to exceed L.E 1 million, with a maximum of 50 employees

Conditions to be Met in the Borrower

-          Legal capacity - good behavior and criminal record – literacy

-          Borrower must be free to run the business, and must reside within the same governorate that the business is based in

-          Completion of military service

Data and Documents Required from the Borrower

-          A technical and financial feasibility study

-          Commercial registry, tax card, rental contract -with date registered at the public notary office or the availability of ownership documents-, and national ID

-          Necessary operational permits, or an official letter from the concerned governmental unit stipulating that the activity is not subject to the need of a specific permit

Loan Uses

-          Financing new equipment, spare parts, and working capital for new and existing businesses

-          Financing constructions and buildings and preparations as long as this is related to the finance of working capital/equipment and up to a maximum of 30% of the loan. The land upon which any building is constructed must be owned (and registered at the public notary office) by the client

-          Possibility of financing the purchase of used equipment given the existence of a local agent for the manufacturer, a minimum technical competence of 75%, and a usage period of no more than 5 years – to be determined by a report prepared by a consultancy firm accredited by Banque Misr

Loan Values and Revenue Rates  

Revenue Rate for Borrower

Loan Value

Industrial, Commercial, Service, Tourism, and Medical Businesses






From L.E 15,000 to L.E 1 million



Poultry Production, Preparation, and Marketing Businesses

6% in addition to a administrative rate of 1.5% (simple interest)

From L.E 15,000 to L.E 1 million


Loan Duration and Grace Period

The loan can last for up to 60 months including a maximum grace period of 12 months (determined according to the nature of each business) excluding working capital loans which have a maximum duration of 3 years including a maximum grace period of 6 months.

Necessary Loan Collaterals

-          Borrower must sign the appropriate, dated commercial papers in line with the loan’s re-payment schedule

-          Business assets

-          Insurance policies against burglary and theft, fire risks, and defaulting risks