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Small Enterprises Projects



Microfinance in the light of the CBE’s initiative


Financing micro-enterprises (Mashrou’y - Mashrouak)

General specifications:

  • Banque Misr contributes to aiding the existing projects for development, expansion, replacement, and renewal; this contribution is through offering finances for the projects, which provide permanent job opportunities that will, in turn, boost production and income.
  • It offers finances for all types of enterprises, whether individual, personal enterprises or finance companies performing in all activities including industrial, commercial, services, liberal professions, medical, clinical, and pharmaceutical. This is in addition to environmentally-friendly activities and projects for clean energy transformation (natural gas) with sales value ranging between EGP 1 million and less than EGP 50 million.
  • The fund is offered through long and medium-term loans for working capital finance, as well as financing local purchases and imports of machinery, equipment (new/ used), and vehicles.
  • The value of medium-term loans ranges between EGP 250,000 and EGP 6 million to finance both the existing and new activities.
  • The loan period’s length ranges between 1and 7 years with a grace period depending on the nature of the project.
  • Rates of Return:
    • A low diminishing interest rate of 5% for industrial activities, services, and liberal professions, according to the CBE’s initiative.
    • Competitive rate of  return for the commercial activities
  • For recently-founded enterprises ( for new business activities ), the paid-up capital according to the Commercial Registry should be as follows:-  
    • From EGP 50,000 and less than EGP 5 million for industrial projects
    • From EGP 50,000 and less than EGP 3 million for non-industrial project.
  • Rates of financing  
    • Financing up to 80% of the cost of equipment and machinery
    • Financing up to 80% of the cost of vehicles
    • Working capital Finance up to 100%


Required documents:

  • Copy of the company establishment contract (incase of stock corporation )
  • Business activity license (temporary, permanent, under licensing process, or unlicensed activity)  
  • A recent document of the commercial registration and a copy of the tax card.
  • Copy of the license to practice the activity.
  • Tax and insurance status.
  • Copy of the ownership / lease contract for project residence.
  • Budget statements since the beginning of the business activity, with a maximum of the last three budgets for existing companies.

Required documents and financing rates for recently-founded enterprises:

  • Copy of the company establishment contract(incase of stock corporation )
  • Copy of  the ownership / lease contract  for project residence
  • A recent copy of the commercial registration, a copy of the tax card and insurance status
  • Business activity license (temporary, permanent, under licensing process, or unlicensed activity)  ​