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The first integrated financing program supporting Egyptian women

The program comprises a wide array of financial and non-financial services for female business owners.

We are here to support your financing, training and business development needs. 



About the Program:

ZAAT is the first integrated financing program, developed especially to support Egyptian women. Launched by Banque Misr, it is an attestation of the Bank's firm belief in the impactful role of women in developing society. It seeks to provide the necessary support for tackling the challenges faced by women and incorporates a variety of financing benefits and financial and non-financial services for business women and female entrepreneurs, with the aim of assisting each and every woman in her vision to reach for her dreams.   


Financing Benefits:

  • Financing programs tailored to fulfil various needs and activities
  • Financing up to EGP 6 million
  • Payment periods up to 60 months
  • Competitive rates with the simplest conditions and procedures  

Financial Services:

  • Extended loan payment durations during maternity leave (for women) for up to three months
  • Exemption from administrative charges on savings accounts
  • Exemption from issuance charges of retail/corporate debit cards
  • Free personal insurance policy against accidents throughout loan tenure
  • Issuance of Youths card tied to the customer's account
  • Salary transfer for employees



Non-Financial Services and Solutions:

  • Use of Internet Banking and BM Wallet free of administrative charges
  • Advisory and non-financial services that are tailored to your project
  • Capitalize on services and privileges offered by Banque Misr's business development centers "Nilepreneurs". For further information, click here

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(up to EGP 250 thousand)

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(up to EGP 6 million)

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* All Business entrepreneurs (Male and Female) Can benefit for this integrated financing program

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