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Corporate Banking



A) Background:

For the past 97 years, Banque Misr has provided vast contribution to the National Economic Development with Corporate Banking arm playing distinguished role in the overall achievement by virtue of supporting corporate lending to large – public and private – local and multinational companies along with hosting investment, private equity, project finance, syndicated loan and corporate bond services in Egypt.

Corporate Banking is a main line of business and a major revenue driver, with prime objectives aiming at maximizing the bank’s returns and increasing its portfolio with high quality assets, through the following:

1.      Achieving the highest levels of customer service and adopting a proactive approach.

2.      Maximizing the Bank’s Assets Quality & Return.

3.      Improving risk awareness among staff.


B) Mission:

Corporate Banking is dedicated to provide the highest quality of tailored financial packages based on the qualifications and skills of its members. The outstanding and remarkable performance of this group stems from adequate training and customer orientation belief.

Our goal is to provide our clients with consultancy, flexibility and responsiveness that will always exceed their expectation.


C) Restructuring:

An aggressive restructure program is applied in BANQUE MISR to the different bank’s lines of business, which strives to reorganize the current banking services with innovative products targeting an enhanced performance in order to compete with other banks in terms of quality of service, market share and profitability. As part of this restructure program, Banque Misr has already started organizing training sessions for the existing staff along with grasping highly qualified staff from other local, regional and international financial institutions where all conglomerated to be the engine that drives this gigantic organization to further success.


D) Centralization: 

In the pursuit of the adopted overall restructuring scheme, the Central Corporate Group was founded in order to achieve the restructuring targeted goals comprising:

·         Sector Know-how improvement based on specialization.

·         High quality and sophisticated credit assessment leading to adequate finance structure.

·         Punctuality in responding to client requests.

·         Enhanced customer/bank relationship.

·         Synchronized marketing efforts.

·         Consistent credit decision making.

By creating a centralized corporate banking group, Banque Misr has successfully established a core group within the bank that has the infrastructure, expertise and standard operating procedures needed to identify and analyze key corporate clients and growth sectors, enhance its existing client portfolio, expand its range of financial products tailored to the business community, and mitigate potential risks.


Central Corporate Group is structured based on perspective to apply:

Sector Specialization (Sector & Sub-Sector): in order to achieve sector know-how, Central Corporate Group is divided into a number of divisions each specialized in analyzing certain market sectors and its relevant sub sectors:


Financial Services

Building Materials

Information Technology.

Heavy Equipment

Food & Beverages








Oil & Gas





Consumer Durables & Household.



Public Services




Product Specialization: in order for Banque Misr to be a pioneer among other banks, it was a must to interact and cope with the prevailing changes in the banking sector as a whole through the establishment of specialized division that is concerned with:

a)      Landmark Project Finance & Syndicated Loans Transactions in collaboration with local, regional and international banks.

 b)      Corporate Bond Issuance.

c)      Acquisition Finance.


E) Product & Services: 

Corporate Banking offers a comprehensive and tailored products and services to satisfy various corporate requirements and support different business activities and that encompasses:

·         Working Capital short term facilities.

·         Medium and long term facilities pertaining to Capital Expenditures & Investment Requirements.

·         Mega Project Structure Finance.

·         Syndicated Loans  

·         Corporate Bonds Issuance

·         Acquisition Finance

·         Letter of credits

·         Letter of Guarantees


F) Track Record:

Banque Misr, acting in its capacity as one of the leading national banks in Egypt and stemming from the vast experience in successfully leading sophisticated landmark transactions in very tight time frames along with enjoying strong underwriting capabilities, had the privilege of leading, arranging and underwriting most of the deals concluded within the market over the last two years.



G) Contacts


Amr Farouk El Aassar   

Head of Corporate Banking & Syndicated Loans 


Tarik Amin

Head of

Financial Services , Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Ports , Paper

Specialized Contracting, Building material, communication

Fertilizers, Agribusiness, Real Estate 


Sherif Hosny

Head of

Project Finance & Syndicated Loans,

 Oil & Gas

Multinational Companies 


Hassan Attia

Head of Watch list Accounts & Marketing support


Mohamed Hegazy 

Head of Electricity, Renewable Energy, Automotive


Mohamed Farouk 

Head of Durable Goods, Food & Beverages


Haytham Wageeh

Head of Aviation, Tourism, Textiles.


Ahmed Saleh

Head of Structured Finance 


Mohamed Ramadan

Head of Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Paper, Plastic, Ports and Financial Services


Ayman Soliman

Head of Agribusiness, Fertilizers & Real Estate


Yasmin Wahby

Head Of specialized Finance


Sabah Mamdouh

Deputy Head of Project Finance & Syndicated Loans, Oil & Gas, Multinational Companies


Tamer Afifi

Deputy Head of Electricity, Renewable Energy, Automotive