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International Concierge Services for World Elite Debit Cardholders


Should you wish to use the International Concierge Services for World Elite Debit Cardholders, all you have to do is call World Elite Concierge Service at the following numbers:

+13123402523 / +20235366076 after activating the card through the branch’s customer service.


(Note: the free concierge service membership does not include transaction charges or transportation charges for the service; which are paid by the customer for each transaction separately).



Banque Misr’s Les Concierges Services Will Cater to your Every Need!


Banque Misr is pleased to extend a suite of select and exclusive services to its VIP customers, with the collaboration of Les Concierges. Les Concierges’ free services will assist you in utilizing countless services efficiently, at an exceptional level of quality.


We are always keen on catering to the needs of our BMVIP customers, by offering them unique services, such as those rendered by Les Concierges Egypt, for an exclusive experience and the opportunity to complete various arrangements efficiently; such as:


  • Travel Reservations

Hotel reservations, airline tickets, visas and visits to city landmarks.


  • Government Services

Support in completing a wide range of government services (renewing the national ID card, passport, birth certificate, etc.).


  • Travel Services

Meet, greet and departure, private jet services, completing passport control procedures.


  • Physician Appointments

Suggested physicians, health checks, dentistry and optometry, occupational health for life insurance and resorts.


  • Housekeeping

Child-minding services, cleaning services, domestic handywork, internal and external design work, moving services.


  • Bill Payment Services

Phone bills, internet bills, school fees, university fees, utility bills and car installments.


  • Shopping Services

Purchase of gifts, flowers, books and electrical appliances.


  • Dining Reservations

Making dining arrangements, organizing functions and events, home delivery and special requests.


  • Tasks

Door-to-door pick-up and delivery, cash delivery to any location.


  • Auto Care

Buying and selling of vehicles, auto services, car documents and leasing.


For All BMVIP Plus Customers

An SMS will be sent by the Bank after 48 hours from classifying the customer as a BMVIP Plus customer, containing the membership no. and the local concierge hotline 01033236332 , which enables you to request any available local service. For additional information, please call 19888, select VIP customer service (#) and enter your banking ID no.


(Note that the free membership for the concierge services includes the transfer fee for the concierge service).


You May Also:

Utilize the local World Concierge service, which provides you with personal assistance around the clock, for arranging hotel and travel services, the organization of functions and other events. Please call 01033236332 or Email: 



Terms and conditions apply.