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I. Taaleem Program:

Educating Children is a desire for any parent

Most parents put it on top of their priorities list , a proper education that qualifies their children for future endeavors . However, the high cost of education sometimes prevents them from achieving this target. At last comes the opportunity which will allow you to plan the future of your children, through the “Taaleem” Program which is designed to grant parents the assurance that their children will get the education they deserve.

A. What is the Solution?

Start saving the money necessary for your children's university education now, by saving a reasonable amount paid in installments of your own choice, to have the necessary funds to educate your children. If you are worried about inflation in affecting your plans, BANQUE MISR, jointly with the Arab International life Insurance company shall protect you against this risk by selecting a variable increasing amount which will be self determined.

The “ Taaleem” Program will provide you with annual amounts representing the years of education of your children.

B. You will enjoy the following advantages:

Money will be available for your children's education, according to the educational level which you have determined for them…so, keep your peace of mind.

Plans for your children's education will be realized even in case of death or permanent complete disability… so, keep your peace of mind.

No need to worry because of the effect due to inflation … so, keep your peace of mind.

This is your opportunity to take the right decision to make your dreams come true, for securing the education you wish for your children ... so, keep your peace of mind.

You deal with one of the largest public sector bank along with one of the greatest insurance companies… which takes care of your investments and protects your family future… so, keep your peace of mind.​