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II. Mustaqbal program:

Is your retirement a dream or a reality?

When we start work for the first time, the idea of retirement seems to be too far, but, while we grow old we start asking….How will life be like at the time of retirement? The dream of some people may be to build a house or to travel around the world and to enjoy those golden years. But for many people the dream is to maintain their living standard.

Whatever your dreams may be for the future, they will remain just dreams unless you save sufficient money to realize such dreams.

A. What is the Solution?

You can start saving a small amount of your income at intervals, to save the decent amount to use it in future. If you are worried about inflation and its passive effect on your income, the AILC, will protect you from this risk through selecting a variable increasing amount which you shall determine yourself.

B. What happens in the maturity date?

“The Mustaqbal” program has the flexibility that enables you to choose the proper age and time when you will need the funds. On the maturity date, you will have three choices:

To cash the Program value as a whole.

To receive income in the form of an annual revenue.

To receive a combination of cash amount and an annual revenue.

C. You will enjoy the following benefits:

The money you need will be available to realize the retirement plans and dreams…so, keep your peace of mind.

In case of early retirement, you can maintain the standard of living you enjoy now… so, keep your peace of mind.

There is no need to worry about the impact of inflation…so, keep your peace of mind.

You deal with one of the largest public sector bank along with one of the greatest insurance companies in the world, which cares for your investments and protects your family's future…so, keep your peace of mind.​