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III. Hemaya Program:

• Have you ever thought about protecting and insuring the future of your dear family?

• Your family is entitled for providing them with protection, foster their hopes and make their dreams come true.

• We offer you the “Hemaya” program with appropriate cost to protect the person you care for, it could be your family members or work partners.

A. What is the solution?

You can start now saving a small portion of your income at intervals for providing protection that will be needed in future. So, there is no need to worry about the future.

With addition to protect your family ....

B. Protecting Work Partners:

“ The Hemaya” program offers you funds in case of your partner's death or disability, to protect you from any crisis that might occur such as:

Difficulty in providing the funds required for buying the share of the deceased partner. 
The interference of the partner's heirs in the business. 
Loss of income of the family of the deceased partner. 

C. Protecting Managers / shareholders:

The “Hemaya” program enhances the company's ability to face financial crises resulting from death or disability of one of the main partners or shareholders, such as:

The necessity of changing the current structure of shareholders.

Facing financial problems by the family of the deceased shareholder, as a result of unavailability of the sums needed to buy his equity.

D. Loan Protection:

Loans are always associated with various collaterals of the company's property. So the death or disability of the borrower may jeopardize the properties that guarantee the loan. The “Hemaya” program gives you the opportunity for continuity and stability, as it provides the required funds for covering the loans in case of the borrower's death or disability. Consequently, you will ensure availability of the required liquidity so as not to jeopardize the company's property and to continue making profits.

The “Hemaya” program also provides the required guarantees to obtain personal Loans.

Protecting VIPs

The “Hemaya” program provides the company with the amounts that help it to continue in business, in case of death or disability of one of its key employees, in order to allow time for recruiting alternative skill.

E. You will enjoy the following advantages

- Funds will be available for the persons you care for, be sure that in spite of losing someone dear to you, there will be no additional financial problems…so, keep your peace of mind.

- As an employer, you will have an extra advantage, as you save your partners and family the worry of securing funds to be used in the critical time ….so, keep your peace of mind.

- You deal with one of the largest insurance companies in the world…that protects the future of your family.. so, keep your peace of mind .​